Code of Conduct

The role of Risk Management Companies (RMCs) is ever-growing, as the risks affecting commercial, governmental, and NGO operations in challenging environments develop. Working in many of the world’s most challenging theatres, sometimes armed, and frequently dealing with weak rule of law, it is essential that RMCs work within the framework of both international and national (host country) law in carrying out their business.

LPD is a signatory to relevant international codes of conduct for the industry, and goes beyond this commitment by setting out a company Code of Conduct that meets or exceeds all requirements for ethical and socially responsible business practises:

1. Legitimacy
LPD will only engage in legitimate security or risk management work that adheres to the principles of international law, including international humanitarian and Human Rights law.

2. Protective Nature of Work
The nature of LPD’s work is protective. As a matter of policy LPD will never undertake any offensive operations; and will never accept any assignment that challenges or destabilises the sovereignty of any nation.

3. Human Rights
LPD does not condone, and will never become involved in, the violation of human rights as embodied within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

4. Professionalism
LPD undertakes to operate at all times with the highest standards of professionalism, embodied by the following characteristics:
- Honesty, integrity, and transparency insofar as commensurate with obligations of client confidentiality
- Social and environmental responsibility
- Restraint, compassion, respect and sensitivity
- Discretion and confidentiality

5. Legal Frameworks
LPD is bound by and will always adhere to legal frameworks and international guidelines including:
- National Law
- European Law
- International Law
- The Law of Armed Conflict
- The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies
- The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
- Any other prevailing regulatory or legal requirements

6. Carriage and Use of Weapons
Where the nature of LPD’s work requires the carriage of weapons, these are carried for personal protection, the protection of those in LPD’s care, and the protection of the innocent. LPD undertakes that the use of weapons will at all times be in accordance with the following principles:
- All weapons will be carried under the appropriate authority pertaining to the specific theatre of operations.
- All weapons and ammunition will be procured legally, and transported and stored in a secure and appropriate manner.
- All LPD personnel will comply with the appropriate Rules on the Use of Force (RUF), and will at all times use the minimum required force to protect themselves, those in their care, and the innocent.
- All LPD personnel will be briefed on the RUF and required to acknowledge their acceptance of these rules before being issued with any weapons or ammunition. Continuous training on the RUF will take place in theatre for all LPD personnel, with an emphasis on safety and restraint.
- Where LPD personnel are obliged to resort to the use of weapons they will be required to make a full report on the incident in accordance with established reporting and review procedures, regardless of whether the use of weapons has resulted in any injury or death.
- Where injury or death results from the use of weapons by LPD personnel, LPD will undertake a comprehensive and transparent internal investigation into the incident, and will cooperate with any lawful investigation undertaken by National or International authorities.
- LPD will work to ensure the integration of all personnel in their working environments, regardless of their ethnic or social origin, nationality, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other distinguishing characteristics.

7. Client Selection
Each client or potential client of LPD together with the applicable contractual terms will be assessed by the LPD Board and legal team to ensure compliance with the principles and the detail of this Code of Conduct.

8. Client Requirements
LPD will only work for legitimate governments, commercial organisations, NGOs or private individuals whose requirements are compatible with this Code of Conduct.

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