ISTAR Portal
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ISTAR Portal provides a graphical display of threat information, including area-based risk assessments, and location and nature of previous incidents.


The system allows users on mobile devices or desktop / laptop computers to view the current analysis of any area. Any change to the threat rating is updated by the LPD Int Cell and pushed to client systems within 30 seconds of being logged by LPD.

Combined with many Blue-Force Tracking systems, the area boundaries and/or routes can be defined a "geo-fences", causing an automatic alert for any assets straying into an out-of-bounds area or caught in an area that suddenly becomes non-permissive.


Incident reports relating to past security incidents can be viewed directly from within the ISTAR Portal - allowing ground teams to plan their routes based on existing threat data and a background knowledge of historical threat trends.


Additional detailed information is available, and is continually updated by LPD ground teams - including the locations of key local facilities, government offices, embassies, and international organisations.


Details of friendly security forces locations are logged, including emergency services, to assist in pinpoint direction of emergency response teams in case of need.

Combined with Blue-Force Tracking systems, the nearest first responders can be notified of an incident and vectored to the exact location.

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