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A major international defence manufacturer won several significant contracts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and required extensive intelligence reporting for internal due diligence and duty of care compliance. Intelligence source networks including diplomatic and commercial were leveraged to build up a comprehensive intelligence picture of the country, enabling the company to plan its deployment against clearly defined threats and risks.


A professional services business operating in the Kurdistan Regional Government wanted to know how advisable or dangerous it might be to advertise their presence by branding their office premises with corporate signage. A comprehensive review of other similar organisations in KRG was undertaken, including limited polling of the local national population to determine the extent of existing brand recognition and sympathy, enabling the company to make an informed decision to advertise its presence, accepting a slight increase in risk from the raised profile.


A consortium of construction firms undertook a contract to develop a large manufacturing plant in the United Arab Emirates, for a number of hazardous processes. The group’s insurers required specific information relating to key risks before they were willing to underwrite the risk: a deployed Ground Validation Assessment was able to provide crucial answers that not only enabled the project but also led to the enhancement of the Emirates Defence Forces in public/private partnership with the consortium.

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